So you want to contribute to Above The Storm? Great! We’re new, and we want to expand worldwide. Please read the site first to get a sense of the ideas we cover. Read the manifesto too. You can surprise us! We love new ideas.

What to Submit

Above The Storm seeks to bring encouragement, motivation, and important information about major depression, dysthymia, and anxiety to those in need. We also want to uncover the why, what, and how behind mood disorders. We need contributors from all walks of life. It’s highly important that some of our pieces target low-functioning individuals, meaning people who have a very hard time getting out of bed or doing basic tasks due to their illness. Sometimes mood disorders are linked to other health issues or life circumstances, such as eating disorders, physical illness or grief, for example. It’s good to talk about how that affects your mood too. You don’t need to have conquered any mountains or have finally figured “things” out to contribute.

Bring out the violins: Always bring a personal touch to your piece. Give us a story to relate to. If you’ve got something to say about your cultural background, family values, or sexual orientation in relation to mental health, please submit!

The actual factual: If you are making a health claim, please provide a bibliography of resources. Don’t include any medical terms (e.g. DSM-5, Mania, PND) without explaining what it is in simple terms.

Nothing cliché: If you chose to write a listicle, it should include information that isn’t typically found elsewhere, like this one. Don’t submit anything like: “What [mood disorder name] feels like”, “10 Things not to say to someone with [mood disorder name]”, etc. You know, ordinary stuff like that. But if you’ve got a story about a comment that hurt you and there’s a message you need to give, that would be great.

Acceptable Formats

  • Writing: motivational stories, medical info, medical experiences with conventional or alternative medicine, personal stories, personal essays, letters, thoughts, words of closure, words to a loved one/yourself, etc. Pretty much anything.
  • Visual art: illustrations, collages, paintings, drawings, photography, photo essays, GIFs.
  • Audio or video: spoken word, songs, a written piece in oral/audio-visual format, audio-visual storytelling.
  • A combination of formats.

A Word on photos and videos: It’s great if your photo/photo essay/video depicts what mental illness feels like because it’s much easier to understand visually than through words. So, please do.

How to Submit

  • .docx files, google docs, YouTube/Vimeo links, .jpeg, .png, .tif files
  • A photo with your written piece, or let us know if we need to provide one
  • A short description of your piece and why it’s a good fit for the site
  • A short bio of yourself. Anonymity is fine.

    Send all submissions to dear.abovethestorm[at]gmail[dot]com with the subject line “Submission”.

    Right now, paying contirbutors isn’t possible but it’s a goal we’re aiming for. Obviously, your work can be added to your cv, and I’m also glad to provide a glowing reference to ongoing contributors. If you have a business or blog of your own, we can talk about some sort of partnership!