Podcast Episode 002: Your Zodiac Sign Is Not Who You Are

Hey! I hope you’ve been doing all right. I have been focused on my new project, my podcast. I am not certain about the future of this blog just yet. Sometimes, I think I wanna keep it; revamp the layout, add a personal library of books and a Spotify playlist, and write more. But other times, I just want to close it. The blog has been stagnant for a while now, with the amount of visitors not growing. I also want to shift to a newsletter, which would be better for the sake of the podcast, and if that happens I’d spread myself thin writing this blog, a newsletter, podcasts, poetry, and short stories. Here’s the latest episode of According To Josephine:

Can’t live without knowing your monthly horoscope? Obsessed with the energies of the moon? Josephine discusses why, in her opinion, we’re so hooked on Astrology these days. We discuss:
-The History of Astrology -Turning to Astrology when feeling lost -What we’re actually looking for -How use Astrology

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