Month: February 2018

A Realistic Way to Set Goals for Mental Health

It’s post new year’s, just about that time where most people drop their resolutions or goals. Many folks fail at keeping up with what they set out for themselves because it may be too big, too vague, too strict, or without a plan. Are you on the self-sabotage train or have you simply not done any goal-setting?


Nominated for the Liebster Award!

My friends, I bring great news: Above the Storm has been nominated for the Liebster Award! Wow! I’m so thankful to Mel from Hey, It’s Mel! for nominating me. She’s a very bright young woman, and her personal blog is fun to read; check it out. I have heard about this award in the past but didn’t think anyone would ever nominate me. Honestly, just being a nominee is an honour! I’m not big on social media but I knew that I needed at least one handle to promote the site. After a bit of experimenting, Twitter ended up working for me, and I’m happy to have found other writers and mental health advocates there. I hope to grow my connections in the future with some great voices. Nominee rules: Thank the blogger who nominated you, and provide a link to their blog in your post. Answer the questions provided for you, and come up with 5-10 more questions for your nominations. Give the award to 5-10 other bloggers who you appreciate. Leave a comment …

How Self-Dating Changed My Life

One of my biggest dreams as a child was to fall in deep, true love. Today, while my experiences have refined my perspective on romantic relationships, it’s still a wish of mine. To some, this may seem cheesy but I know that many others feel the same. Our dream is the all-consuming beast Carrie Bradshaw strived for. It’s actually very scary and intimidating to allow yourself to be completely open with someone. I did reject this childhood dream at some point at the start of my adult life, around age 18: as my teenage experiences with males accumulated, my belief in fairy tale romance faded. Then at some point, I figured there was no “The One” but a select group of potential forever-mates I could choose from. I lost my virginity to someone in the said potential group whom I liked a lot, but in his final blow I told myself, “…he’s not it”. I had a few more of those not-it moments. It being the one. That one. The one whom I can share …