A Good Book for People with Low-Functioning Depression

In a low-functioning state, we are severely depressed, and the issue feels like it is much bigger than ourselves. Of course, we need to seek professional help. But as I like to emphasize, the other half of healing is the help we give ourselves. While self-help material mostly targets high-functioning individuals (people who can go about their day despite being depressed), there may be one or more books we encounter that will change our outlook on life even in a low-functioning state. Perhaps Brave Enough by Cheryl Strayed is that special book for you.

Brave Enough is a book of quotes from Cheryl Strayed’s previous texts and speeches. Cheryl Strayed is an award-winning essayist with beautiful prose, even as she speaks. I like to listen to Cheryl and her co-host Steve Almond on Dear Sugars, my favorite podcast. In Brave Enough, she talks about choosing a career, shitty life circumstances, friends, family, trust, falling in & out of love, and the necessity to change your life.

The book is a short read with large text, making it easily digestible. In fact, some pages only have one sentence. This is good because reading the book may not feel like a chore. I Personally found that, from the middle to the end of the book, it seemed like a few quotes had the exact same message but were written in a different way. It can be annoying for someone who is high-functioning to read very similar passages over and over again, but a low-functioning person might need a lot more encouragement to change, move, or shake. And so, it helps to have things repeated to you a couple times.

You can do this. You can do this. You can do this.

Are there any books that helped you see things in a different light? I’d love to know!


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